Sunday, March 26, 2017

Playoff Game #2

Just a quick update on the Emojis. Yesterday, they finally had their 2nd playoff game, after a long hiatus due to March break. I was a little worried that their momentum would wear off since they have been playing really well during the last third of the season. My fears were all for naught as they rose to the occasion and completely dominated the other team. The score, 2-1, sounds a lot closer than it really was since they completely controlled the puck throughout 90% of the game and must have outshot the other team 4 to 1. The other team's goalie played extremely well (and supposedly had oversized pads) so that's the only reason they made a game of it.

So that puts the Emojis at 1-0-1 going into their final round robin game. On paper, it should be a gimme it's against a team they beat 3 times during the regular season by a combined score of 9-2. However, both teams the Emojis beat swept THEM during the season so that doesn't matter right now. On top of that, their next opponent destroyed the #1 team 5-1 earlier today. So it looks like both teams are having hot streaks. However, only one can one so let's home it's our guys!

For what it's worth, a win or a tie will definitely get them to the semifinals. In addition, there's a good chance they could make it in with a close loss since goal differential will likely be the tiebreaker, but I'd rather not let it come to that.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

New Haircut

Lucas's latest haircut, which happened this morning.

He likes it, and I don't mind it since it's not as bad as some of the hairstyles he's liked in the past. It'll look even more interesting as it gets longer on top.

I had planned to post a couple of times during the week (from bed), but technical difficulties reared their ugly head. I wanted to post via the Blogger app, but I had removed it a while back (along with most of my other apps) to make room on my phone. Lo and behold, when I tried to download it from the App Store, I found that it doesn't exist anymore. I have no idea why Google decided to stop supporting it, but they did so no more mobile updating, I guess.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Catch-Up: Laughter in 2015

Up today, a short video. Based on Marilu's comment in the video, we were playing a game of Zombie Dice. I have no idea what caused Lucas to laugh, but what a laugh it was!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Warrior

Here's a quick pic of Lucas as he prepared for yesterday's game.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hockey Playoffs Update

After last week's big win, the Emojis ended up in a 3-way tie for 3rd place. I guess they must have won a tiebreaker or something since they ended up ranked 3rd for the playoffs. As such, they were put in a pool with the odd numbered teams (1,3,5,7). Earlier tonight, they had their first game, which was against the 1st place team (the Dragons), a team that only had 2 losses and that had beaten them in all 3 meetings this season.

Well, things went a bit better this time. The Emojis completely outplayed them, and the only thing that kept the Dragons in the game was their goalie, who stopped a LOT of shots (versus maybe 5 shots on our goalie). The score was tied 0-0 going into the latter half of the 3rd period when the Emojis finally found the back of the net to go up 1-0. It looked like we would finally have a win, but then a missed offsides call by the refs (the kid was about 3 feet offsides) led to the Dragons tying the game 1-1, which ended up being the final score.

So it wasn't a win, but it also wasn't a loss, and against the top team in the league, that should give them a lot of motivation going into the next game. Unfortunately, it's not until March 25, thanks to March break, but it is what it is. The kids did great, and I can't wait to see how they do in their next game.

More photo updates coming soon!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Catch-Up: Gatineau Park

The Emojis closed out their regular season with a big win, 7-3. It wasn't even as close as the score implies as they let their foot off the gas, and the other team scored two of their goals in the last couple minutes of the game. So that's some good momentum going into the playoffs, which start next weekend and then resume in late March, after the March break. As always, I'll keep you updated.

In today's installment of Catch-Up, we're going to return to August 2015. Specifically, Aug 31. It was toward the end of the summer--all of our trips were over--and that was about the time we realized we were getting heavy and needed more exercise. So we decided to head over to Quebec and do some hiking in Gatineau Park for the first time. It was a really fun visit, one we repeated at least once more that year, but for whatever reason we never got over there last summer. We'll definitely have to remedy that in 2017.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Catch-Up: Newfoundland and Labrador 2015! (part 2)

And now for the rest of Marilu and Lucas's trip to Newfoundland.

I don't know what the occasion was here, but everyone (except Lucas) was dressed nicely so I figured I'd include these photos.

Marilu's class reunion was that summer so for the latter half of their trip, they flew to Labrador. So you're going to see a lot more picture of Lucas with his cousins, Colby and Kyle, throughout the rest of this post.

The view from above...

...and below.

Marilu looking her best.

Lucas photobombs the next two photos.

Colby looking too cool for school.

And finally, Marilu shows off her athletic skills during a softball game, one of the events during her reunion.

In current news, Lucas has his last regular game of the season tomorrow. His league is a bit log-jammed in the middle so depending on how the game goes, they could jump quite a bit in the standings. I believe that a win will put them in a 3-way tie for 3rd, and a loss puts them in 6th place. Of course, every team makes the playoffs so it's not that big a deal either way. Whatever the case, I'll update afterwards with the score and let you know when his playoff games will be.

Until then, have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Catch-Up: Newfoundland 2015! (part 1)

Yikes, it's been a while since that last post. Time to get off my butt, and start playing catch up. I've got quite a few pictures from last year that need to be uploaded so the easiest way to do this is probably just to start from the beginning and get to it. So the next few weeks are going to be quite an image dump. I'll throw in some news updates as well so it keeps things at least somewhat current.

Speaking of news, in case you hadn't heard, tomorrow will mark the end of the first week at my new job. I'm out of retail hell and back in the professional world, this time in the accounting side of things. Well, sort of. I'm in a very junior-level position so there's not much actual accounting yet, but at least my foot is in the door, and the future's what I make of it with this company.

Now when I say some of the photos are old, I'm not kidding. This first batch are going all the way back to 2015. For once, you can blame someone other than me. They are from Marilu and Lucas's summer trip to Newfoundland, and I've told her time and again, if she wanted me to post them, she needed to add the commentary herself since most of the photos contain places and people I either don't know or can't recall the names. Since it's apparent that's never going to happen, I've decided to take the best ones of Lucas plus any highlights. So, without any further adieu, welcome to July of 2015!

You probably can't read it, but Lucas is holding up a ticket for the squid race, part of the larger Squid Fest that takes place in Newfoundland around that time of year. Several of the following pictures are taken at or around Squid Fest. They should be fairly simple to spot due to the abundance of cephalopod-related accoutrements.

It's not Newfoundland if you don't have moose crossing the street near your home.

I'm gonna guess this guy is named Squiddy.

Lucas won his favorite player.

Look both ways! You might get run over by a moose otherwise.

That's about half of the ones I have from that trip. I'll post the rest in the next entry so be on a lookout for that tomorrow or this weekend.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Growing Up on Christmas Eve: 2016 Edition

This year, instead of posting pictures from Christmas Eve in a new update and then linking to the 2-3 related updates, I've decided to update the original post with all 9+ years of pictures. Going forward, I'll simply have a short entry like this with a link to the original. You can then go there and scroll to the bottom to see the new pictures. So here's your link. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

California 2016: Day 8 (Going Home)

Our final day in California was very low key. We visited with my dad and brother one last time, and then took a bunch of pictures together in the parking lot. After that, it was off to LAX and the flight home. All in all, a fantastic trip, While I wouldn't want to live in California again (I never expected to say that!) thanks to the traffic, it's a fun place to visit, and I hope we get back there in another few years.

Friday, January 13, 2017

California 2016: Day 7 (Santa Monica)

On our last full day in California, we initially thought about driving up to Hollywood/Beverly Hills and doing the tourist thing. But traffic was, as usual, horrendous, so we made it a little more relaxing and just visited the pier and beach in Santa Monica. For those of you unaware, not only is Santa Monica a huge draw for tourists, but it also happens to be my birthplace, way back in 1971.

We had lunch at Bubba Gump's on the pier, which was wildly overpriced for so-so food, but at least we've now marked that restaurant off our "to do" list. Afterwards, we took some pictures on or around the pier.

Despite all the other fun things we did on the trip, spending an hour or so playing in the water and crashing through waves was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. It kind of makes me wish we lived closer to a real beach.

As for Marilu, she relaxed while we frolicked.

One more day--which basically consists of pictures with my dad and brother--and California is finally done! Only 6 months after the fact. :)