Friday, April 20, 2018

Lacrosse sortouts

Lucas had his lacrosse sortouts earlier tonight. He's playing at the Peewee level,which is kids born in 2007 and 2006, and it was easily his latest sports-related event to date. It ran from 8-9 so we didn't even get home until about 9:30. Considering he typically heads up to bed around 9, this was definitely something new. I guess he's becoming a big boy!

The sortouts went pretty well, all things considered. It is his first time playing, and his only experience was a 4 hour camp this past Sunday so he didn't light the world on fire. However, he had a really fun time ("that was better than hockey sortouts," he exclaimed afterwards), and he can't wait for the season to start so that's a win in my book.

Here's a photo of him prior to the sortouts.

You may notice that he's got his Coconuts hockey jersey on...gotta play in style!

He's also wearing pants. Normally, they wear shorts, but we forgot them tonight. Along with his jock. Luckily, there were no nutcracker shots.

The draft for the teams is this weekend, and the practices and games should start shortly afterwards. As always, I'll keep you updated with the season's progress.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Hockey Finals

This was finals weekend for the Coconuts and House A hockey. After completing the round robin with a 3-0 record, which included 2 shutouts and only 1 goal against, the Coconuts faced the same team they played last week, the Warriors. They won that game 1-0, but the score wasn't very reflective of the game itself since they dominated the majority of it. That said, 1-0 is still a close score, so there was reason to be nervous about their chances.

Turns out we had nothing to worry about. After a somewhat slow start, the Coconuts found their rhythm and cruised to a 3-0 victory, which included an empty net goal. Below, I've included several videos of the final moments of the game as well as the celebration afterwards.

My intention was to video the last minute or so of the game for posterity. Who knew I'd get an empty net goal?

With that out of the way, the game could finally reach its ending and the kids celebrated.

Next up was the medal ceremony where they got their gold medals.

And finally, they got a chance to skate around the ice with the cup before taking a team picture.

Here's a closer view of the team photo that I downloaded from the league's Facebook page (Lucas is third from the left in the top row):

And finally, here's a photo of Lucas clowning around with the cup/trophy and the team mascot, Coco.

You'd think that would be the end of it, but because Lucas is in House A this year, the Kanata champion plays the Nepean champion the next day in what is called the interlock final. Rather than draw it out, I'll tell you up front that the Coconuts lost 2-0.


All season long, Nepean has absolutely dominated Kanata in interleague games. Speaking for the Coconuts, they had a single win (which was in a tournament) and one tie in their Nepean games, and the other Kanata teams fared about as well. So coming into this game, we didn't expect much.

Much to our (or at least my) surprise, today's final final was a very competitive game. Whereas in past games this season, it was all the Coconuts could do to hold on, it was a back-and-forth affair. With a bounce or two here or there, it could very well have been 2-0 the other way. So that was great to see. As I said in a Facebook post earlier, short of a win, this was the best possible ending to the season. And you know what? They are still the Kanata champions, and that's what matters at the end of the day. Well, that and they had fun. :)

Next weekend is the end of the year party and then that's in for hockey this season. It'll be sad since it's a great group of kids and parents. Plus, after two years with the same awesome coach, it's very unlikely Lucas will have him next year since he'll likely only be coaching his younger son. But we've been very lucky with coaches as all of them have been good so fingers crossed the streak will continue.

And now that hockey is over, Lucas is about to start a new challenge: lacrosse! He has sortouts next weekend and then the league starts soon after. So no rest for the weary! Keep an eye out for pictures from that adventure.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hockey Finals Bound!

Last weekend, Lucas's team won their second playoff game in the 3-game round robin tournament and by virtue of the other teams' records, they locked up a spot in the finals. This week, they played the team they'll be meeting in the finals since they still had a game to play in the round robin. So it was basically the least stressful game we ever watched since it didn't matter who won, both teams were going.

That said, the Coconuts won it 1-0, going undefeated in the round robin andoutscoring their opponents 8-1. Not bad at all! Let's just hope the magic can last one more week. On Saturday, they will play for the Kanata championship, and if they win that one, they'll play against the championship team from Nepean for all the marbles. I don't have high hopes for that one since the leagues are pretty mismatched this year, but if they can win Kanata, I'll be really happy since Lucas has come close to winning a championship (they lost in the finals last year) but has never gone all the way.

Here's a video I took of them getting off the ice earlier. The Coconuts are in white, and as luck would have it, Lucas was the last Coconut off the ice, making it easy to find him.

Before I go, here's a funny one of Lucas from last night. He had just fallen asleep in this somewhat unusual position.

And then here's his wake-up call (or dog) this morning.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Yo yo yo

Before Beatrix's obedience class tonight, Lucas put a backwards hat on her. Much to our surprise, she didn't mind it and left it on long enough that we could take a couple of pictures.

Who knew Lucas wouldn't be our first teenager?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Hockey Playoffs 2018

The Coconuts kicked off their 2018 playoffs with a fairly dominant 3-1 win. They controlled the puck most of the game, even when short-handed due to 2 penalties. The score also makes it look closer than it was as the other team didn't score until there were about 4 minutes left. 

Whatever the case, it was a great start and hopefully they can keep up the momentum into the next two games of their round robin. Due to March break next weekend, Game 2 won't be until March 25. Rest assured I'll be back here with an update.

I haven't taken many hockey photos this season since, let's face it, most of the on-ice ones end up looking the same. Plus, I like to watch the game, not concentrate on the camera. But since I have so few, I'll try and remember to bring out the Nikon to one of the other games.

In the meantime, here's a photo I like from the tournament in Toronto in January. So serious.

And from a couple of weeks ago, here's hockey a little closer to home. That's Lucas about to take the shot.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sports News

Ok, we're back! I don't think there is anyone who is still reading this that doesn't know I had a "stroke-like event" back on my birthday (Feb 4), but if it's news to you, give me a shout and I'll fill you in.

In other news, Lucas's hockey team finished the regular season this past Sunday with a 3-0 loss. It was really disappointing since they dominated the other team (23-15 advantage in shots on goal, according to the goalie coach), but the other goalie was on fire. The same thing happened against that goalie a couple of years ago in the playoffs so it felt like deja vu. So with that loss, they ended up in second place, one point behind that team.

Since the playoffs are a round robin affair, the loss doesn't mean anything in the scheme of things--other than bragging rights--and none of the kids seemed to care. The round robin will continue until the end of March since there's a week off for March break, and then the winner of the Kanata league will face off against the winner of Nepean (central/south Ottawa) for the House A championship. The two leagues are wildly mismatched--Kanata has a whopping 1 win and 1 tie in all of their games against Nepean this year--so our hopes are not high, but who knows, that's why they play the games, right?

I don't think I've mentioned in here yet, but once hockey is over, Lucas will be playing lacrosse. He's decided to go with just that for the spring, surprisingly passing on baseball. I'm not sure what to expect since I think it'll require a bit more exertion than Lucas is used to, but it should definitely be more exciting to watch than baseball.

Enough news for now. Here's some recent pictures, as opposed to the usual stuff from 2015.

First up, this is the latest picture I took on my camera. It's a little fuzzy since I was trying to get a picture of Beatrix with her mouth open before I took her for a walk this evening. She had it wide open, which looked like a smile, but this was the closest I was able to get since she kept shutting her mouth. I decided to post it anyway since you can see her face well for once.

Last weekend, Lucas's hockey team had a team event where they skated on Parliament Hill, something that was set up as part of Canada's 150th anniversary in 2017. We got a decent shot of us in front of Parliament.

During the skate, we got the Coconuts and the Pink Fluffy Unicorns (his coach's other team) to pose for us. Lucas is third from the right in the second row (in the green shirt).

And finally, here's a shot of me while on my hospital adventure. Always stylish, that's me.

More to come soon.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The latest and greatest...from January 2016

Lucas and I are heading to the Toronto area (slightly north of it, actually) in the morning for a hockey tournament so I figured I'd get a few pictures uploaded since it's been a couple of weeks. I'm going to continue to play catch up since the backlog has become laughably bad.

There were still some 2015 photos left, primarily of Christmas, Lucas's hockey, and Marilu's hockey, but it was nothing you haven't seen before so I'm moving on to 2016. Woohoo, only 2 years behind!

This first picture was taken on New Year's Eve at the home of Lucas's former daycare provider Andrea. What you don't see here is the timestamp on the photo. This was taken at 1:35 AM. Starting the year off right!

For this next picture, I think this is the backstory...we were waiting for a table at the restaurant Baton Rouge and Lucas saw a box for a raffle to win Sens hockey tickets. I figured it was a scam to get customer information, but I let him do it anyway. A day or two later, I received a call from the manager that we won 2 tickets to the Sens-Panthers game. As you can see below, they were damn good seats. We could almost reach out and touch Jaromir Jagr. I think we also got parking passes. I don't think we've won anything since then.

Not sure what the story is here. It was January so I doubt there was any World Cup stuff going on. I guess he just wanted to wear a soccer shirt.

Around that time, Marilu's family decided to make a trip to Vegas (minus her dad). There are plenty of other pictures, which I'll probably post to Flickr--if I ever get back to using that--but for now, this is a good one of the group.

And finally, one of my all-time favorite pictures of Lucas. He was rocking the Kylo Ren look.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Scenes from the holidays

Here are some pictures from our adventures, such as they were, over the holidays. It was absolutely frigid the whole week I was off (Christmas week) so we didn't get to do too much since no one wanted to go out into -30 weather. Marilu and Lucas are off this week as well, and it's warmed up a bit so they got to get out of the house more.

In response to my friend John building a big snow fort in his front yard, Lucas and I attempted our own. It started off promisingly enough, but then we kind of gave up on it so there's not much to see now.

Marilu had her Christmas party in mid-December so we got all dressed up. I think it's safe to say she dresses up nicer.

Lucas's hockey team party was an event, the first OHL (Ontario Hockey League, for all you southerners!) game outdoors. They played it on the same field Ottawa's CFL team, the Redblacks, play on. I think this was the first night we experienced truly cold weather this winter, and as neat as experience as it was, we left after two periods. In nearly 14 years of living in Canada, that was probably the coldest I've ever been.

Lucas and some of his teammates.

I only took a few pictures on Christmas morning, preferring to live the experience rather than enjoy it. Here's what I got...

Sensing a theme in this picture?

On Boxing Day, we had friends over for raclette. If you don't know what that is, Google it. It's awesome. Here's the table before we dug in...

...and a quick shot of the group.

Midway through the week, my friend John invited me over and we drank beer and shots in his snow fort. In -30 degree weather. We lasted about an hour and this is what I looked like when I came home.

Before the Falcons wild card game this past weekend, Marilu modeled her brand new leggings that she got for Christmas.

So that's about it for the holidays. You all have a good ni--wait, what, you wanted to see the major present we got for Christmas. Oh well, since you asked nicely, I won't wait another day (or month) to put it in the next post. Here we go...


Beatrix is incredibly hard to get a good photo of since she's so dark--and the dark carpet doesn't help--but these next two proves she does have eyes!

Lucas's friend Zach slept over for 2 straight nights midweek, and here's a photo of the two of them with Beatrix. Lucas then stayed over at Zach's for 2 night on New Years Eve and New Years Day.

And finally, here's the pup in motion. I figured the best way to see her would be against a backdrop that we're not lacking in...snow!

Ok, so that's really it for now. I hope you enjoyed. One of my resolutions this year is to update a bit more frequently so let's all take bets to see how long that lasts. :)

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

Here's the initial photo from this year's "Kids on the Couch" Christmas Eve photo. This is the only one I took on my phone since Tracey took a bunch, including goofy ones and some with Beatrix. Once she posts those, I'll share them on the blog and link to the original post with all the others.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Our newest family member arrives next Saturday. More details to come.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Atlanta 2017

As you probably know, Marilu and I flew down to Atlanta a couple of weekends ago. It was the last part of her 40th birthday celebration--yes, I still need to post pictures from her party--and the main attraction was for her to finally see the Falcons play in Atlanta.

When we lived there back in the early 2000s, they had super popular quarterback Michael Vick (in the pre-dog days), and it was really hard to get tickets so she never got to see them. We thought it was going to be more of the same since ticket prices were astronomical for the first game she checked, but it turns out that was just because they were playing the Cowboys, When we checked the prices for a game against a non-overrated team--the Bucs--prices were much more normal. Still expensive, but relatively normal.

We ended up cramming a bunch of fun stuff into the 48 hours or so we were in the ATL. Keep reading and see what we got up to.

For the sake of convenience, we stayed right downtown at the Omni Hotel in CNN Center. It's within walking distance of all the major tourist atrractions downtown, including Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the Falcons play.

Here's the view from our room on the top floor of the hotel. If you squint, you can see Georgia's capitol building in the background just right of the center of the photo.

Another view from the top floor. This is just outside of our door and shows a different view of downtown and part of Centennial Park. Plus a really hot chick!

We had originally planned to go to the Georgia Aquarium on our first day there, but my friend Clairanne (who gave us a ride from the airport...woohoo!) convinced us that we would enjoy the College Football Hall of Fame more. And I think she was right! You can see an aquarium anywhere, but there's only one hall of fame.

Upon first entering, there is a massive wall of helmets from what I think is every college football team in existence.

Of course, I had to get a photo with good ol' USF (located 4 up from my head).

Posing with some serious hardware. First off, the Heisman.

Then the old and new versions of the championship trophies.

We apparently have a lot of growing to do before we join a college team.

While walking through CNN Center, I saw Rick from Rick and Morty, one of the best animated TV shows of all time and had to get a photo.

We didn't have any concrete plans for our first night so on a whim, we checked prices for the Atlanta Hawks basketball game and were able to get a couple of seats for just over $50 total. The Hawks play in Philips Arena, which is connected to CNN Center so we didn't even have to go outside to get there. It was a bittersweet return for me since I saw quite a few Atlanta Thrashers hockey games while living there. As you may know, the Thrashers left for Winnipeg a few years back so all I have is the memories now.

Although neither of us are big basketball fans, it was a really fun time since it was so spontaneous. An added bonus was that the Hawks were playing the Toronto Raptors so we each rooted for a different team. The Raptors ended up destroying the Hawks but oh well, the beer was good.

The next day, we got breakfast at the CNN Center food court and then headed over to the stadium. Fan fest activities started a good 2-3 hours before the game so we had a good time there before heading in.

Earlier in the week, the old Falcons stadium--the Georgia Dome-- was imploded. I'm not sure if it was by design or not, but one piece of it remained standing. That's it below.

The ridiculously cool Falcon statue in front of the stadium entrance.

It's hard to describe just how impressive the stadium is without being there, but hopefully these pictures give some sense of how breathtaking it is. I will add that neither of us have ever been in another stadium that is even remotely as amazing as this one. Kind of makes me want to visit Dallas since that's supposed to be quite a stadium as well.

Here's another look at the imploded Georgia Dome taken from inside the stadium.

The coolest video display ever.

The Falcons were kind enough to win the game for  the birthday girl, 34-20. This is the post-game mingling at center field.

Go Falcons!

Afterwards, we had a delicious dinner at a nearby German restaurant. Then we posed in our best German garb.

And now for something completely different.

Finally, Marilu had me take a picture of what was left of her face painting. She got it for free at the fan fest in the morning. Pretty durable!

So those are my highlights. Unlike Disney, where the vast majority of photos were taken on my phone, for this trip, Marilu took as many pictures as me, if not more. I haven't had a chance to go through her phone yet, but once I do, I'll post the highlights in a separate entry.